Luscious Lip Balms!

" I LOVE dry cracked lips" said no one ever.

Lips play a big role in our everydays lives. They are one of the main areas on your face that people look at during conversations. Lips articulate sound and speech, display expressions such as a smile or frown and can also be a symbol of love & sensuality. Lips have a high number of nerve endings which make them an erogenous zone. Teehee

So you can now see how important it is to take care of your lips. Who wants to kiss flaky chapped lips?

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of you have seen the movie called "The In Crowd" which came out in 2000. But I watched it YEARS ago and it just seems to really make you want to use lip balms in tins...maybe just me, who knows HAHA. I just prefer the look of tins compared to the regular plastic tubes that we tend to see the most. <- And that is why I chose to use tins instead of tubes for my lip balms.

I know there are a lot of people out there that use petroleum jelly as a lip balm. But did you know Petroleum jelly is a by product of Petroleum? Petroleum is a nonrenewable fossil fuel that can be turned into things like gasoline and kerosene. Most plastics are made from petroleum. Some side effects of petrolatum include suffocation of the skin, premature aging and aggravated acne.

Petrolatum jelly can actually cause skin photosensitivity or promote sun damage. Petrolatum may interfere with the body's moisturizing mechanism, leading to dry skin and chapping despite its cosmetic use as lip protection. This is just a small bit of information on Petroleum jelly, but it shows how important it is to know what you're putting on your body. Your skin absorbs 60% of the chemicals in products that it contacts and these chemicals move directly into the bloodstream. Your body is your temple! Choose healthy options for it!

My balm is made with 100% natural ingredients which also means natural flavor and it is also Gluten free, Paraben free, Petrolatum free and Phthalate-free.

Feature ingredients: Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil, Avocado oil, and Vitamin E.

All these ingredients combined give the balm AMMMAZZZINGG qualities.

Beeswax: provides a protective barrier over the lips and draws moisture to the skin and seals it in. Like other beehive products, beeswax offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits, according to the magazine, Delicious Living, making it potentially beneficial for treating minor skin irritations.

Cocoa butter: penetrates not only the top layer of skin but the dermis layer as well where the body is more able to retain the moisture. Applying cocoa butter topically on a daily basis can help facilitate repairing damaged skin.

Shea butter: contains essential fatty acids, along with vitamins A and E, which are imperative to maintaining your skin's elasticity and suppleness. In a clinical study done by Frank Renard, Ph.D., shea butter was found to have significant antiaging properties and was proven to help rebuild and rejuvenate collagen.

Coconut oil: contains saturated fats such as lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. It also contains large amounts of triglycerides, proteins, antioxidants and vitamin E. Lauric acid and capric acid are both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Coconut oil provides antioxidants by penetrating the skin. This leads to skin that is elastic and soft because the skin's connective tissues are strengthened.

♥Sweet almond oil: is said to be a moisturizer, it's really more of an emollient because it softens skin rather than hydrates it. However, sweet almond oil acts as a humectant to help prevent the loss of moisture.

♥Avocado oil: In addition to providing the skin with moisture, the antioxidants found in avocado oil - particularly vitamins A and E - can help soothe sunburned skin. Avocado oil also contains sterolins, which are natural steroids. They may be effective in boosting collagen production and in treating age spots. With its high level of vitamin E, avocado oil may reduce itching and inflammation of the skin and is also beneficial in softening rough and cracked skin.

♥Vitamin E: provides the skin with necessary moisture as well as antioxidants for intense healing. It treats wrinkles by boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic. Vitamin E oil also treats wrinkles by supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration.

I have been using this lip balm for quite awhile now, and I loove it. Its super nourishing and stays on my lips for a good amount of time. Even when there is little to no balm left on my lips, I feel that they are noticeably softer and moisturized. You can even use it on dry spots like cuticles, elbows and knees. I am very excited to be adding it to the store on my Website soooooon!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



Individual oil & petrolatum information sourced from Livestrong

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